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Sometimes I write letters from Bucky to Steve.
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Avengers are cool, but have you considered YOUNG avengers?

must be following me
reblog this post (or like to bookmark it)
fill this out

What you must be/have:

nice, funny, easy to talk to
good url and a clean, organized theme
must post marvel content (not constantly, but a good amount)

What you get:

new friends
a spot on the network page
join the network chat
you can tell people that you’re a superhero if you want… I mean, who doesn’t want to be an avenger?

If you get in:

you will get a message from me
i will need an icon and description for the net page
track the tag #yngavngrs

Extra stuff:

reblog by the 15th of September
you will know if you got in by the 20th
I will pick the first 12 by the 20th, and every week after that, I will open up 2 more. There will be space for everyone, I promise!
make your way here if you have any questions
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Sebastian Stan for Flaunt‘s Denim Issue (2012)
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Sebastian Stan in Picnic